The Zero Calorie Sweeteners - Uses and Applications

The zero calorie sweeteners add taste of sugar to food and drinks without the calories. These sweeteners are can be used in the diet when you want to watch your sugar intake or try to lose weight. Zero calorie sweeteners let you feel good about enjoying your favorite food without the worries of intake of added calories. The zero calorie sweeteners are used as sugar substitutes are used to sweeten food and drinks without calories. When obesity has reached epidemic, people all over the world prefer to have zero calorie sweeteners over the regular table sugar. The sweetening power of the best zero calorie sweeteners is many more times than regular sugar, therefore, only a small amount of these sugar substitutes is required.

Zero calorie natural sweeteners are preferred over artificial sweeteners due to health concerns. The most common artificial sweeteners include Saccharin, Aspartame, Sucralose and Neotame. The natural low calorie sweeteners are a great way of cutting back on calories and get a healthy boost as well. There are several natural sugar substitutes out there which are delicious and can take place of any artificial sweetener. They taste even better and come with no worrisome side effects.

Stevia and its applications: It is one of the most widely used zero calorie natural sweeteners, which has no calories at all and is 40 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia is completely plant based and natural. It does not cause surge in blood sugar levels and no visible side effects as well. Stevia has lots of applications and uses. Apart from being used as table sweetener, it is also used in soft drinks, pickles, pastries, candy, yogurt, jam, sorbets and chewing gum. Stevia can be mixed with other sweeteners like sucrose, glucose or fructose to enhance the taste and pleasantness. When used in place of sugar, Stevia preserves the crunchiness and crispiness of cookies and biscuits. This zero calorie sugar substitute helps to retain the taste and freshness of preserved food and prevents the stickiness and fermentation. In sugarless chewing gums, Stevia provides a long and lingering sweetness. In sauce products, Stevia mixes with salt to offer a deeper variety of taste and a pleasant color. In the pharmaceutical industry, Stevia acts as a suppressing agent and removes unwanted flavors in medication. It is also used as feedstuff and improves the palatability of animal feeds. Stevia, one of the best non caloric sweeteners is also used in alcoholic Beverages.

Erythritol and its applications: This is one of the best non caloric sweeteners and also known as sugar replacer, sugar-free sweetener or bulk sweetener. The most popular applications of erythritol are found in diet or calorie-reduced beverages. This zero calorie sweetener is often used in tabletop sweeteners as it resembles the taste, crystallinity and appearance of sucrose without adding calories. The high potency sweetener complements zero calorie sweeteners, Erythritol in diet beverages to become more sugar-like by modifying their flavor profile. Erythritol is used in custard or yogurt and reduces sugar or calories without compromising on taste. Various other uses of Erythritol are found in dairy and bakery applications, chewing gum, chocolate, sugarfree fudge, fondant and in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

Among the best natural low calorie sweeteners Xylitol is one. It can be used in can be used in cooking and baking. Xylitol is largely used in "sugar-free" candies, chewing gums and mints. It is added to various oral care products and chewing gums to prevent tooth decay and dry mouth. This natural low calorie sweetener is used as a medicine to prevent middle ear infections in kids and also as a substitute for the diabetics. In the tube feeding formulas Xylitol can be included as a source of energy.